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The best film by Nayak Riaz


The mid-nineties were a time of triumph for romantic heroes. Many heroes have arrived. Almost everyone managed to establish themselves as a successful film hero. However, many failed to be consistent for long.

Riaz is the name of a hero who spent more than a decade with the Loverboy badge or Romantic Hero in his crowd. He made his film debut in 1995. It didn’t take long for filmmaker Riaz to win the popularity medal under his name due to his style, fluency in acting and taste for work. After Salman, he became the producers’ first and best choice.

He joined Shabnur and gave her some amazing photos. He later tied the knot with many others. However, he was very successful with Purnima. In his long two-decade career, Riaz has presented numerous commercial successes.

Today is his birthday on October 26th. On this occasion, let’s take a look at some of the best films in which he starred.

More expensive than life
Although he made his film debut in 1995, Riaz was successful in 1997. ‘Favorite Than Life’ directed by Mohammad Hannan is his first successful film. Ravine starred next to him in this film. Babita, Rajib, Humayun Faridi, Abul Hayat and others also acted in this film. Previously, he starred in the film ‘Priyojan’ with Salman Shah. However, it is through Pran’s favorite film that the film becomes his stronghold.

The world is yours and mine
In 1997, the late director Abid Hasan Badal starred in the film ‘Tumi Shudhu Tumi’ with Salman Shah-Shabnur-Riaz. Amit Hasan replaced Salman on the role due to his untimely death. This is Riaz and Shabnur’s first film together, but it failed commercially. On the other hand, Salman-Shabnur did about 50 percent of the work on Matin Rahman’s ‘Man Mane Na’. Riaz later replaced Salman in the film. The song, which was made in imitation of a popular Hindi film, gained popularity but was not a commercial success. In 1996, Badal Khandaker made the superhit film ‘Prithibi Tomar Amar’ with this duo. Based on the commercial success of this duo, the Shabnur-Riaz duo stood out in the world of cinema. The film is also quite entertaining. After this film, Riaz and Shabnur signed a contract for several films. One of his films was released this year, later remade in Calcutta.

Wedding flowers
Matin Rahman’s Wedding Flower was a commercially successful film in 1999. Shabnur and Riaz were the couple in this film. In addition, the hero Shakil Khan also acted in this film. The music in this film, which was made to imitate a Hindi film, gained great popularity, the film was also ranked in the top five in terms of business. In 1999, ‘Bhalobasi Tomake’, by Riaz-Shabnur’s protagonist, Muhammad Hannan, and Azadi Hasanat Firoz’s ‘Work Girl’, became superhits.

In your mind
In 2003, Motiur Rahman Panu co-produced the record Bengali film ‘Moner Majhe Tumi’. After breaking up with Shabnur, Riaz tied the knot with Purnima and gave her this super successful image as a gift. This film was seen by almost all cinema lovers of the time. The songs in this film are very popular, which is still popular. It is also the best love film in Bengali films. The Riaz-Purnima duo became everyone’s favorite with this film.

Speaking from the heart
The fact that Riaz was the favorite hero of the modern public in good taste in 2008 is proven once again through the film about the heart of SA Haque Alik. This film makes Riaz and Purnima more popular. Riaz made his debut as a producer with this film. When this film was released, there was still a wave of obscenity in Bengali films, where the film shocked audiences in good taste. Singer Habib Wahid achieved great popularity with the song ‘Bhalobasbo Bhalobasbo Re’.

Two doors
In 2000, Humayun Ahmed Riaz created ‘Dui Duari’ with a popular personality. Humayun Ahmed proved that Riaz is one of the best actors by launching the successful hero of a commercial film in a different genre. Although different, the film is popular and the songs are melodic.

For thousands of years
In 2005, Kauhinur Akhter Suchanda based on Zaheer Raihan’s popular novel ‘A Thousand Years’. Although the film was not a commercial success, the government-sponsored film was widely acclaimed. Riaz played the role of Mantu at his best. Needless to say, Mantu took only 101 rupees when he was attracted to the character in this film. In a rural life, Mantu Tuni’s love touches everyone’s heart. The film won awards in several categories, including Best Picture at a jury trial.

Mollah is the wife of the house
‘Molla Barir Boo’ was released in 2005. Popular producer Salauddin Lavlu directed the film and left his mark on the world of cinema by directing the film. The film is based on the story of a complete family and social superstition. The film stars Riaz, ATM Shamsuzzaman, Moushumi, Riaz, Shabnur and Pran Roy in the main roles. The film was a super hit.

Long live the father-in-law
The film ‘Swasurbari Zindabad’ was released in 2002. Shabnur played opposite Riaz in the film. The two-star duo was then a hit at Dhaliwood. This film maintained that couple’s reputation. The fun battle between son-in-law and father-in-law was well received by film lovers across the country. At the same time, Riaz-Shabnur’s sweet and mischievous love was etched in my mind. Directed by Debashish Biswas, the film also stars Bulbul Ahmed, Reena Khan, Sonia, ATM Shamsuzzaman and others.

Dwaruchini Island
In 2006, Taukir Ahmed directed the film ‘Dwaruchini Dwip’ based on the story of the popular fiction writer Humayun Ahmed. The film, produced by Impress Telefilm, was well received. Riaz performed brilliantly in the role of Shuvro and Riaz’s performance was appreciated by everyone. Mom, the superstar of Lux, starred opposite Riaz in this film. The film won the National Film Awards in several categories, including the best film. Riaz was also awarded as the best actor.

The list of popular films starring Riaz is quite long. These images include ‘Woman’s Mind’, ‘Loverboy’, ‘Taj Mahal of Love’, ‘Care’, ‘Earth Flower’, ‘Red Sea’, ‘Mirror of the Heart’, ‘Breathe, You Believe in You’, ‘A Bandhan’. The names of the films like ‘Jabe Na Chhinre’, ‘Sundari Badhu’, ‘Bhalobasi Tomake’, ‘Shyamal Chhaya’, ‘Krishnapaksh’, ‘Ki Jadu Karila’, ‘Shasti’ etc.


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