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While the smartphone is becoming more attractive features. A variety of advanced features, including professional-quality cameras, facial recognition technology, end-to-end displays, are seen on smartphones.

While upgraded to high-tech features each year, the battery life of the smartphone still may not reach the expected level of many. A new Washington Post study found that the battery life of many brands of flagship phones has declined compared to older models.

The Washington Post recently surveyed the battery life of 13 smartphones, including the iPhone 10S and Pixel 3, which came on the market. In the study, a light meter was used to ensure the same brightness of each phone. Then browse sites through phones until the battery charge ends.

The results showed that the previous model of the new battery charger of the iPhone 10S does not last longer than the iPhone 10. IPhone 10S compared to the iPhone 10, 21 minutes before the battery is spent on the iPhone 10s. On the other hand, the charge of the new three pixel phone is about half an hour before the two pixel.

The only new model of the iPhone X managed to surpass the previous model. However, due to the weakness of the XR display, the battery life of the phone is basically higher.

There are low-cost LCD displays on the iPhone X-ray, there is an LED display enhanced with the iPhone 10. Less light is required to run the normal LCD display panel compared to the modern OLD monitor. Thus, charging the battery ends in slow display of the phone with LCD display.

According to the study, the number of smartphones available in modern display technologies, such as the old screen, in these cases, charges the battery faster than normal screen phones. But the speed of battery charging depends much more on screen technology.

Samsung Note 9 phone arrived in August, more than 4 hours of battery charge, compared to the Samsung S9 phone in February. Note 9 The battery is much stronger than the previous model.

Currently, the battery capacity of the smartphone industry has already begun. According to a report from Tech Site Iphixight, battery capacity has doubled in recent years. However, many smartphone manufacturers do not want to rely on this strategy, while lithium-ion batteries make the smartphone heavy.

Nadim Malouf, executive director of Quinino, a Washington Post, said: "Battery technology is improving very slowly, about 5 percent a year. But the phone charge is increasing faster than the 5 percent.

According to experts, the phone's battery charge is faster than before, and many smart phone manufacturers are producing high-resolution, screen-intensive phones that are more expensive to run, as well as the emergence of complex applications and the increased use of telephones.

Improved advanced technology is considered to reduce the battery life of smartphones in the Five-G network. To maintain the battery life of your smartphone, users will need to choose the phone from a standard display technology, such as the iPhone X, or they will need to charge more from the phone for the use of modern phones.

"I have to start preparing consumers to compromise the battery life of the phone," said Washington Post. If there is no appointment, other ways to reduce the brightness of the phone, use airplane mode or use battery saving features.

Find out how long the battery life of a phone was found in the Washington Post study.
IPhone XR – 12 hours and 25 minutes
Samsung Note9- 12 hours
IPhone 8 Plus – 10 hours 10 minutes
Pixel 3 xl – 10 hours 7 minutes
IPhone 10S Max – 10 hours and 6 minutes
Pixel 9 hours 57 minutes
IPhone 8-9 hours 51 minutes
IPhone 10-9 hours and 30 minutes
Pixel for XL- 9 hours 26 minutes
IPhone 10S – 9 hours 9 minutes
Samsung S9 Plus – 8 hours 57 minutes
Pixel from three to eight hours and 28 minutes
Samsung S9 – 8 hours 17 minutes

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