The 76-year-old actress is a 16-year-old girlfriend!


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20 April 2010 16:44 | Updated: April 20, 2009 4:44 PM

Exotic Actress Dilara Zaman Born on June 19, 1943 As a result, he is now 76 years old. A few days ago, Lifestyle magazine appeared on Western Looks on the cover of & # 39; Ice Today & # 39; and acted in all to show the actress. Dilara Zaman will appear 16-year-old girlfriend Recently, this image has become viral on Facebook. Actor Irfan Sajjad is sitting next to Dilara Zaman in the film.

It is known that they were tied in a piece called "Sweet Sixteen"! Dilara Zaman played the leading role in the drama In the writings of Tikli Mahmud, Rahat Mahmud built it. Abul Hayat, Zara Mitu and others also acted in this.

Dilara Zaman on the game Daily is our time onlineWho said: "Now 76 years old. At that age, manufacturers think of me, I am grateful to them for this. We usually do not have this practice here. Screen artists were lost when they were young. Having made the manufacturers, I am preparing a new one. It's a lot of fun for me. This piece can be seen in some way. I hope the play is just like everyone else.

The story of Sweet Sixteen & # 39; can be seen in the story, she herself is a 16-year-old girl, Dilara Zaman. Printing is also seen in movement, conversation, and money conversion. The producer said the drama will be aired on Eid on a private channel.


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