That's why proud Raselas pride themselves on Shah Rukh


It's time for the team's encouragement, taking time off the bus. If this is not possible, the cricket player will be constantly promoted in social media. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) captain Dinesh Karthik said he was proud to be the owner of Shah Rukh Khan.

After the incredible victory against Royal Challengers Bangalore on Friday, the team captain gave credit to Captain Knight. He said it was a great fortune to get people like Shah Rukh as the team owner. It can adapt well to any situation. It has a positive effect on our dressing room. There are few people like him.

Shahrukh Khan is not only in the IPL but also in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). He owns the Trinbago Night Riders. In addition, there is a Bollywood team in the South African league T-Twenty Global. Cape Town Night Riders Playing According to Kartik, one can understand how much he is playful. This is me, Rasel, and the biggest achievement of the party.

Which of Shahrukh's touches does most affect the locker room? Kartik said that, as a human, he is a great person. I had some time to spend with him. Mind you, your mindset is another type.

He said, celebrating JoysaB is not a new phenomenon. But as Shahrukh thinks about playing the game too, there may be very few people. It is not possible if a big heart is not human. We started to slow down slowly.

Kartik's explanation, King Khan, likes to watch the game well without being overwhelmed by the results. You can pick up the cricketer mentality quickly. As a result, our work becomes easy.


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