That said in the three-hour dialogue


News reporter November 7, 018, 23:05:27

Dhaka: Ganaoforama president of the eleventh parliamentary election in late February or February 2015. United National Front under Kamal Hossain It is well known that the second round of dialogue with the president of the Awami League and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Gonobhaban on Wednesday showed the unified national front in the elections.

In order to ensure free, fair, neutral and participatory elections, in the light of the seven rounds, the National Unity Forum wrote a detailed discussion on the four issues in the second round of the dialogue. The united front said in its draft the first to break the parliament before the elections. There, they said, there is a reference to breaking the parliament into several paragraphs of the constitution. According to Constitution 123 (3) (b), the Prime Minister may advise the President to break the current parliament in late November or December. The Election Commission will determine the date of election within 90 days after the dissolution of the parliament. As can be done at the end of February or the year 2019 or in March, the eleventh parliamentary election will be held. UnityFront said that if the government accepts this process, a level playing field will be created for all parties.

In the second proposal, the united front leaders said that the Awami League gave their confidence to the Electoral Commission and resignations to the chief election commissioner. Based on the negotiation, the new secretary of the election commission also wants the single forward appointment. For level playing field, Khaleda Zia was released on bail and the government side did not object to bail, she mentioned the unacceptable third proposal. He also said to ensure the free and fair chance of the meeting.

The United Front also said that the culprits should be punished, including freedom of expression, freedom of the press and letters, telephones and mobile communications. The use of EVM, the deployment of the army and the judiciary, and the Electoral Commission should be regularly consulted with political parties.

In the fourth proposal, the National Unity Front proposes an election time government with a councilor and a 10-member councilor based on the interim government. However, sources said the proposal was rejected in dialogue. In response to the united front proposal, the Awami League said it is not constitutional. Accepting this demand will create a constitutional void.

The Awami League's secretary general, Obaidul Quader, told reporters after the talks that the proposal to the chief counselor and 10 counselors will not be accepted because there is no reason. In dialogue, the National Unity Front achieved nothing of what the Awami government or League expected in relation to any of its original demands. However, regarding the bailout of Khaleda Zia, the Awami League said that it is a matter of court.

The prime minister informed the united front that equality of conditions will be created. In addition, the prime minister ensured that he did not prosecute or arrest the leaders and workers. The army will not have judicial powers. But they will be deployed, also said that the Awami League

At the end of the dialogue, Mirza Fakhrul told reporters that if the demands are not met through negotiations, they will be sued through the movement. Earlier on the night of November 1. A 20-member delegation led by Kamal Hossain participated in the dialogue with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Ganobhaban. In view of the fact that there was nothing fruitful, the second time the dialogue was sought by unity.


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