Surprised disappeared Argentinian footballers are on the island!


A few days ago, an airplane disappeared with Argentine soccer player Emilio Sala. Everyone is convinced that Salma, who lives on the plane, died in the accident. However, he refused to accept his ex-girlfriend, Barence Skier. She believes that Sala is alive and she is on an island in the English Channel.

A small engine was in an airplane, Room. Biman's pilot, David Ibotson, was accompanied. The English club, Cardiff City, bought French club room for a fee. Argentine footballer, who flew to Cardiff to take a break from joining the new club. Once the plane disappeared from the radar.

After the discovery, some fragments of the aircraft are found. Of course, it is estimated that both crew members died on the plane. But Salar's ex-girlfriend says, "I hope she's coming. He will tell you that he is alive. At where? On an island. It seems to me that his family thinks so too. It can not disappear.


In a tweet after Sala's death, Sober claimed that the football mafia is responsible for the death of his ex-boyfriend. After that, the 26 year old model was deleted by this tweet.

Speaking of the remarks, Sour said, "I've become emotional." I thought something strange happened Something dark But I have no information on that I just thought one aircraft crashed, two people disappeared But no one tried to find them It's weird trying to push it all down.

Salah and his plane disappeared after that, because of the bad weather, the rescue could not go much further. Only a few hours can be found in the short time rescue.



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