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Suicide of the doctor: a case against 6 people including his wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law

Doctor Mustafa Morshed Akash and his wife Mitu Photo: Facebook

A case was filed against six people, including his wife Mitu, his father-in-law and mother-in-law, for motive allegations in the murder of Mustafa Morshed Akash (32), Chittagong Medical School Hospital.

Mostafa Morshed's mother, Jobeda Khanam, presented the case to the Chandgaon Police Station in Chittagong on Friday afternoon.

According to sources, Dr. Mostafa Morshed's wife, Tanjilla Haque Chowdhury Mitu, father-in-law Anisul Haque Chowdhury, mother-in-law Shamim Shelley, sister-in-law Sanjilla Huq Chowdhury, wife of wife, Mahbubul Haque, and Indian citizen Patel of United States, were charged in this case.

Earlier, Akti's wife, Mitu, was arrested at the home of a relative in the Nandankanan area on Thursday at midnight on Thursday. At the initial interrogation, she confessed some confession about her husband's complaint. Again, some things were avoided.

Deputy Deputy Commissioner of City Police (North) Mizanur Rahman said, Through the sky injection, he committed suicide by poisoning his vein.

Before his suicide, on Wednesday night, his wife was confronted with wife Mitu. Later, around 4 pm, Mitu went to his father's house. Akash subsequently issued a complaint in his Facebook allegation about his wife's extramarital affair.

Dr. Mostafa Morshed Akash wrote on Facebook, "Tanjilla Huq Chowdhury Mitur with me has been introduced since 2009. I love you very much.And he loves me very much.We wander, love and ride.Our love less than everyone knows.Many people too they call it crazy madness … I am also dead for living, then apologize for the night of the grave, with tears of tears and it will never happen.I apologized for a year doing well to the family.Then I went to America out of the country.In the middle of Eid in 2016, again in 2016, the prepaid USMEL was going and I would go to the US in February 2015. … I have repeatedly said that if I do not like it, but not chit or lie.

My love has always been 100% for him. I could not take it anymore. There is no punishment for fraud in our country. So I decided and chose the path of peace forever. If you do not like other people, say goodbye to yourself, do not lie or lie. I know a lot of people will not believe that nice girl I also love to see them. If there was one outside on the inside. Everyone blamed me for everything, so I explained … … and your mother could not fulfill her dreams. Mother's love never compares …

The son of the late Abdus Sabur from the Barkal area Bangla Bazaar of Chandanaish upazila. Tanzilla Chowdhury Mitu was identified with the sky in 2009. After that, they developed loving relationships. They are married in 2016. Akash was working at 13th Ward of Chittagong Medical College.

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