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Sridevi's son did not give his son

Sridevi's son did not give his son

Online Table. The reputation of Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan as Rupali's screen star is all over the world. Rupali screen heroes who are interested in acting against it. Vidya Balan used to say, "I'm sorry I could not play Shah Rukh."

But his son, Arian Khan, did not want to be present, last year's youngest daughter, Khushi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor.

It is being heard that, like the older sister Jahnabi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor's dream of establishing himself as the star of Rupali's screen. And when he starts to scold him, Bollywood director and producer Karan Johar wants to make him an actor.

The thrill of being heard is that Abhishek would be pleased with the hands of Karan and Arjun Khan, son of Khushi Kapoor and Shahrukh. But there was no interest in Arian for her.

Recently, in the presentation of Neha Dhupia, in the television program "No Filter Neha", two daughters of Sridevi Jahnobi and Khushi appeared. The son of Shahrukh Khan, Arian Khan, Chaniki Pandey's nephew Ahn Pandey, and Javed Jafri's son Mizan Jafri, want to know about this question, who is happy to co-star in his debut film? Surprisingly everyone told Ayan to avoid Aryan Khan and said happily.

I did not comment on Arian. Khushi Kapoor also said, who will be the protagonist of his first film, will give Baba Bono Kapoor. If parents do not show interest in happiness, Kapoor's daughter will try to explain. "I can convince because I am my father's favorite," he said.

Meanwhile, Arrian's father, Shahrukh Khan, had previously said he wanted to be an actor, not an actor, and Arian Khan wants to be a filmmaker. So there's no way he can come to the movie right now.

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