Special audit in government bank to obtain standard loan … – 734317 | Kaler Kantho


Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said special audits would be made in the government bank to hold defaulters.

He said this when speaking at Rupali Bank's annual business conference at the auditorium of the Kushidbid Institute in the capital on Wednesday.

The finance minister said that the special audit will be done separately for each government bank to avoid irregularities in the banking sector. Three audit firms have a responsibility to identify who they are who have not returned the money in three years.

He said that this initiative will be taken to repay the loan of those who are not getting the loan back. Many LCs did not have the machines. Why it did not come, it will be revealed. Many of the factories have been closed down, because they do not start, they may be known. Many have not started the factory, which is their true character, will be revealed. However, there is nothing to fear the employees during this audit.

He said reforms and rules will also be brought to the notice that defaulters can not leave the country.


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