Sunday , April 18 2021

Soumya wants to maintain consistency

Soumya Sarkar wants to maintain the consistency of current performance if he has a chance against the Windies. Even if he does not think about rebuffing the order, if the opportunity returns to the openings, he wants to return to his position. On the academy's campus in Mirpur, journalists told reporters that their main objective was to run without thinking much of anything. Soumya Sarker looks very challenging in the series against the Windies.

There is aesthetics in the memory stick. Many people say "elegant" and someone class class But if these compliments is the episode of the coin. On the other hand, the lack of continuity in his staff. It is understandable, however, that everything is done. The conversation is very inevitable now. Just like the cricket player hit

Great form at NCL, a century in preparation match against Zimbabwe. So in the last international days, Marcus marked a century. Time is going well So the mood of the previous one has returned. He is not willing to think about anything. He said, want to run, and would like to sleep in a smile.

Soumya said, try to do something good. That's why I fight with myself all the time. At the end of the day, I want to do something better than before.

Competition increased in opening one day Tamim will return even more. Three scouts have to beat Zimbabwe. The thought of the batting order is not in the mind. But there is love for the ancient place. So if we want to take a look at both hands, we have the opportunity to pick openings.

He said that if you have the opportunity, I want to do good. If you can maintain continuity, your site will be created.

Smoothly, the Windies series will be quite difficult. The reason, the speed of the Caribbean. Still, we are keeping ahead in the field. Sameera may also have the chance to wear white clothes before going to the dress. The two-day game against Windies was kept in the game. That's why preparing is smooth. protection status

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