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This time around, the talented model and actress Samanti Soumi. His journey began in 2012 at showbiz. That year, this gorgeous glamor girl won one of the top ten of Lux-Channel i Superstar. And through it he had the chance to make his debut in the dream world. Then he did not look back. It was seen as a model of different fashion houses. He works on advertising, drama, music video. He is the favorite of the TV media. "Boyfriend", the film's first movie, is awaiting release. In the film opposite Tasqin Rahman became the protagonist. Who was featured in acting as Jisan of the film Dhaka Attak. Soumi is awaiting the release of his first movie, "Boyfriend," directed by Uttam Akash, produced by Shapla Media. She said, I want to be regular in the movie. I look forward to seeing the picture for this. I wish the film's positive results. And if that's the case, I want to be regular in the movie. And for that purpose we are planning a future carrier. Meanwhile, working for the first time in the series Soumi Web. He is currently working on the sand of Indonesia in the web series. Soumi said that the shooting of the movie "Cinema & # 39; already started in Bali. I'll be seen as Sarita. First, the name of the web series is called "cinematic" after the name is changed to "movie". It's a very good job. Safi Uddin Safi is managing this. In addition to Semanti Soumi, Shipon Mitra, Raha Tanha Khan, Sraut and Ramiz are starring in the series on the web. Meanwhile, on the return of the country, the work of a short film under the direction of Soumi Sanjay Samdadar "will do." In that, Manoj Kumar will play against him.

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