Some more Bengali artists from India after Ferdous


Filmmaker Ferdous Ahmed, who is struggling to take part in the election campaign of the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, has been struggling.

The Bangladesh High Commission has ordered India to leave the BJP complaint.

Some other Bangladeshi artists have also caught the attention of the Electoral Commission after joining the country with action visas to take part in the political campaign.

The Indian ruling BJP party claimed that many Bangladeshi artists and stars were seen by leaders of the Trinamool Congress.

The video of several campaigns that reached the hands of the BJP in the governing party of the state, campaigning with stars of Bangladesh.

They sent them on Wednesday to the Election Commission office. The situation will not be said now. But your condition can also be like Ferdous

Why foreigners in the election campaign, giving importance to the issue, the country's central ministry has already sought the report of the government of West Bengal.

Initially, the BJP complained to the Electoral Commission about the filmmaker Ferdous Ahmed.

Ferdous did a roadshow in support of the Trinamool Congress in Raiganj, West Bengal. He also called on the people to vote in the "vote" of the Trinamool Congress.

Following the BJP's complaint, the country's foreign ministry escaped the promotion of foreign nationals in the Indian elections.

BJP's national secretary, Rahul Sinha, also accused West Bengal electoral commissioner Sanjay Basu of bias.

Trinamool leader Madan Mitra said on Tuesday that during the liberation war in 1971 we were on behalf of Bangladesh. That is why they are always with us.

We did nothing wrong in bringing Ferdous to the public. The Trinamool Congress will not do anything against the illegal and anti-national violation of the Constitution.


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