Smartphones are not apps


Mobile charges may end quickly There are some harmful apps hidden in the Google Play Store, but despite Google's efforts, these apps make the place in the Google Play Store in a number of ways. Recently, the ESE security agency said, there are several harmful applications listed in the official Android store. Meanwhile, various applications are hidden like mobile banking viruses.
Earlier this year, researchers at security agencies like Cementk and Czech Points warned about hidden malware in the Google Play Store. These applications are often hidden in device boosters, cleaners, battery managers, and even horoscope-themed apps. There may also be such harmful applications in games, educations, or cryptographic applications.
For some applications, the application compels the customer to install their applications. They do a job at a user game store. There are some applications that are useful for analyzing, but they also harm the smartphone. Learn more about some of these apps, and then delete them from your smartphone right now.
Master Cleaner – Speed ​​Booster: Many people use the Master Cleaner to fix the speed of the smartphone. It has quite popular among users. However, the application can cause a lot of damage to smartphones. It is not good to keep smartphones.

Personal Horoscope: Many people use the app to view horoscopes every day. But it also slows down smartphones.

Coloring Books for Kids: Nowadays, children can learn how to colorize on the phone for the benefit of smartphones. But installing these applications causes a lot of damage to your smartphone's battery.

App-Lock Privacy Protector: Many people have the tendency to use these applications to increase the privacy of the phone. But these can be a reason for too much RAM for smartphones.

Free calls and massages to any country: There are many types of apps in the Play Store for calls in different countries using the Internet. They slow down the smartphone.

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