Monday , October 18 2021

Share the point, what is the big loss in Bangladesh?


Bangladeshi cricket fans eagerly awaited the game against Sri Lanka. In recent statistics or rankings, Bangladesh is ahead in all places, so 2 expected points were achieved.

The rain did not let hope meet. There was rain before the game in Bristol, did not stop. Falling tricks The referees did not make a positive decision even after visiting the two-field field. The announcement is finally over – the game has been abandoned.

Earn 2 points. The game was abandoned due to two parties to share the points. This means that both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka teams have 1 point.

In fact, Bangladesh was more affected than Sri Lanka in this place. If the Tigers won the game, they probably were not sure. But the match was abandoned because the road to the semifinals narrowed narrowly.

Because the team in the game was full of two points against the strength of the two teams the Bangladesh team was winning. There was a bit of difficulty in Mashrafe Force now lost in some points.

Bangladesh has 3 points in 4 games, 1 win, 2 fee and an abandoned starting point. His position in ten groups is seven.

Bangladesh game against the West Indies, Australia, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan To stay in the semifinals, we need at least four wins against these five teams. The calculation was difficult!


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