Shakib movie day boycott


Shakib movie day boycott

Online Reporter It was celebrated as National Film Day on April 3 in the last seven years with the slogan "Live the culture while you live in the movie." This year, the organizers of the event, but many of the participants did not participate in the program.

Shakib Khan is boycotting the program by announcing that the "National Film Day" program is celebrated on a personal rather than national level.

Shakib Khan told the media about this event, which is celebrated nationally? I think this program is celebrated personally. Last seen that too. This arrangement is limited to some people. This should not really be.

The Honorable Prime Minister has given this special day a priority for a good cause, that is, film. And it is being used for personal purposes. That's why I moved. If it is celebrated nationally, then definitely participate. Shakib received the invitation letter to attend this festival. And he expressed his anger over it.

He said, if I'm invited to my house, then how ridiculous! I'm driving the eldest son of my family, my family, and I'm invited to my house, it's ridiculous. In fact, this event should be done nationally and not as people who should be evaluated.


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