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Shakib Khan and Nusrat Faria from the Bengali movie star rhyme of love rhymes. And his novel of romance is seeing millions of visitors.

Yesterday Youtube was released on the song & # 39; Shaanshan & # 39; & Quot; Rasik Me & # 39 ;. Meanwhile, the song has seen more than 7 million visitors.

Dear Chattopadhyay, "This is the song of love that makes the heart of the heart rhythm which is the belly of the waist / rasik / badhiya mind pejor." Surya-music played Kolkata Savvy The song is sung by Bangladeshi singer Kana and Calcutta. Chorography of the father of Calcutta, Yadav

Shakib and Faria performed party dances in the Rasik Me & # 39; music video. Their romance with the song captivated the public.

Shamim Ahmed Rony, the creator of Shahhen Shah, said the film has already caused a furor on YouTube. Everyone is enjoying it.

Shakib Khan and Nusrat Faria first joined Shahhen Shah. He also starred Rodeela Jannat, Ujjal, Misha Sodagar, Ahmed Sharif, Don and others. Shapla Media produced the film. On March 22, "Shahhen Shah" is about launch.


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