Shahrukh will be the villain in Vijay's movie


Shahrukh will be the villain in Vijay's movie

Shahrukh Khan has been a villain in the past as he has been in the past. However, his character is covered in the film & # 39; Diwana & # 39; Bollywood opens with hero Shahrukh. The history of the rest There are many titles, including the King of Bollywood, next to his name.

As a villain, he played the role of villain in "Door # 39; and & # 39; Bajigar & # 39; Recently, the Bollywood star will be seen as a villain again.

This is learned that Shah Rukh will act as villain in Southern star actor Vijay-starrer Thalapati 63. The director of the film, Atli said that the film is shown in the original villain, but will only have 15 minutes of duration on screen. He will be seen as a guest.

Shahrukh filming for this 15 minute scene for 5 days. He also agreed. In the film, the southern hero Vijay and Shahrukh will be seen in an action scene. Jackie Shroff of Bollywood will star in this movie.

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