Salman's first love girl is the daughter actress


Because of the jewelry ad, she is already familiar with the house of the house. She is also considered one of Bollywood's most beautiful actresses. In addition to Salman Khan, many actors and actresses of Betaon are also related to their relation of kinship. She is no other, the first loving girl of Salayan Shaaysha Saigal

Indian newspaper Ananda Bazar said Shaheen's mother, Shahin Banu, is also an actress. She is the daughter of actress Shayra Banu, daughter of Sultan Ahmed, daughter of Shayra and Dilip Kumar. Shayesh's father, Sumit Saigal, is also a Bollywood actor. After the divorce of his parents, Sumit married the actress Farhah. From this point of view, Farha is Shaysha's mother-in-law.

However, Salman Khan has another type of relationship with Shahesh. It was from his mother, Shaheen was the first lover of the university life of Salman Khan. At that time, Salman was very close to Shaira and Dilip Kumar. Shaheen's daughter Shayesh Salman also wanted to act as an actress or debut.

At age 19, the breakup of Shahin or Salman. After that, Shahina married Sumit and married Sumit. Shayesh, daughter of Sumit and Shahin

According to sources, Salman took care of the actress of & Shibay & # 39 ;, took care of his affection. Before that, they were shown in one of the parts.

Salman or even the closest columnist also said, seeing Shaysha, he remembers the story of young Shahin.

Shaysee has already played in Shibay & # 39 ;, by Ajay Devgn. Once again, this actress can be seen in the new movie soon. However, the first photo of Shayesha was Tamil. The photo was Akhil. It was quite popular.

Shaysee studied at the Ecole Mandal School in Mumbai. The meritorious student did not get the number 90% lower. In an interview he himself said that he


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