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Ronaldo's 600 goals before Messi: -764046 | Kaler Kantho

Another penalty in the crown of the record Cristiano Ronaldo scored 600 goals in the football club. Juventus, who scored 1-1 in the first round with Inter Milan, secured the title. Ronaldo scored the only goal of the Old Lady That made 600 goals. Lionel Messi strikes the ball with 598 goals in Ronaldo The Portuguese crowned teams like Sporting 5, 118 in men's sweaters, 450 in Real Madrid and 27 goals in Juventus, 27 goals. His goal in the series "A & # 39; is now 20. Ronaldo scored at least 20 league goals in 10 seasons.

Meanwhile, Manchester City returned to the top of the Premier League Premier League 1-0 in the penultimate game. At 63 minutes, the only goal was Cerero Aguero. After 36 games, City have 92 points and Liverpool 91. Chelsea's 1-1 draw draws from the top four of next season's Champions League, the latter with which Manchester United have to dream about. Manuur points 65 and Chelsea 68 in 36 matches. In the other game, Arsenal beat Leicester City 3-0. Jamie Vardi two and Yuri Tillemanas scored another goal for Lister. With 66 points from 36 games, Arsenal now have five. BBC

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