Rome Real Meetings During Tough Times


Real Madrid, in a difficult situation, are playing against Roma in the UEFA Champions League Group G match tonight. Italian champion Joventas will receive Valencia on the other day of the match.

The English champion Manchester City & # 39; F & # 39; Group will face the Olympics in order to ensure excellence. Bayern Munich and Manchester United also have fun in the other games of the day respectively for Benfica and Young Boys.

Real and Rome are facing the same nine points. As a result, in front of the two teams in front of the points table, there is a hand at the top of the list. But in such a game, the trophies are going through some narrow situations.

Hulen Lopeztegui, who became the team coach this year, lost his job due to a poor start to the season. Then interim coach Santiago Solaris was giving an indication of having to get out of twilight, Bell-Benzemara. Hopefully Real Jobs will retain the job. But after the completion of the match in the first game of the race again Real.

In the Spanish championship, the SD now returned to the ground with a goal difference of 3 to 0. It will have no effect in the fight for European superiority. But the mentality of the players may fall.

Roma have played football for a few seasons. Especially last season, the Champions League semifinals were played against Barcelona, ​​the antagonist of Real Madrid. This season he maintains the continuation of the team of coach UCebio Matteo. Therefore, there should be additional warnings against Roma Solaris.

Real have already announced a team against Roma. The coach, who could not play against this time due to injury, went on to train, but did not keep the coach in the team. In addition, all regular XI are on the team announced.

Javantas, who hopes to win the title, will face Valencia at Allianz Stadium. Manchester United have lost to the previous game, but the group "H" is at the top of the disciples of Massimiliano Allegry. In addition, Jovantas' shirts are in great shape, leaving behind the unfinished form of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo will secure the second round of victory in this match, ensuring the Italian champions. Manchester United will host Young Boys at Old Trafford in their second match of the group.

Meanwhile, Manchester City, Manchester City, will meet the Olympic league in the group's match F & # 39;. In the group stage, Loyon lost the match to City by 2-1 goals. The French team would like to win on the same level in their own field and would like to find equal points in the city.

Benfica will face Bayern Munich on their own pitch. Although the recent form is poor, coach Nic Covac's team is encouraged by history. The last nine times against the Portuguese team have never shown Bayern Six goals scored 21 goals against digestion. Bayern have also won 25 of the last 27 games of the group, They will be part of the night to maintain the continuous trend.

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