Rohingya attack in Teknaf, 3 bullets –


Monday night
Teknaf police officer, Prodip Kumar Das, said Teknaf police officer Pradip Kumar Das said the incident occurred at the Nayapara Rohingya camp in the Hannala trade union.

The injured alleged that a group of people attacked them for providing information to the BGB.

Although the wounded were identified as attackers, the police could not confirm it.

The injured were injured
Azizul Haque (50), his wife Taiba Begum (40), son Hussein Johar (15) and a one-year-old girl Jessin Akhter, son of the late Ali Hossain, resident of the I-block Ipara, Naipara Rohingya Teknaf camp.

Local residents said OC Pradip said that around 7 pm, at the Nayapara Rohingya camp, a group of criminals attacked the home of the local Azizul Haque.

"They shouted earth and the canhestos shot at them. Three people were injured and one child was injured in the fight."

No one could be arrested because the criminals fled before police arrived at the scene, he said.

OC said the injured people rescued the injured people and sent them to Cox's Hospital Sadar Bazaar.

Hossain Zohar, who was under treatment at Cox's Hospital Sadar Bazaar, said: "The attack came on the charge of providing information about Rohingya's bitter Roadrunners for the Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB). Previously, these bastards threatened to pray at different times ".

He said rohingya thieves identified Nurul Alam and Md. Sadek led 13 armed criminals. All attackers identified Rohingya errant. "

Meanwhile, OC Pradip said the attack on the Rohingya camp was not confirmed.

However, police are investigating the cause of the attack. Legal actions will be taken against those involved in the incident, OC Pradip said.

The doctor at Cox's Bazar Sadar hospital, Parvez Alam said: "Three Rohingyas from the same family were admitted to the hospital on the night of the bullet, among them the condition of Azizul Huq is alarming."


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