Robot can open up to 200 hours a day –


The new robot named Daisy will help workers recycle the iPhone. 200 iPhones can be used to separate the recyclable parts of the iPhone – the Verge news technology site.

Daisy is an advanced version of the previous iPhone Recycling Robot Liam. Apple started using the Liam robot in 2016.

Nine models of iPhones Daisies can separate You can open the iPhone and open the IC as well as open it.

Apple has launched a temporary project called "Gibhabak" with Daisy. Through this project, the customer can pay for the device or recyclers of the device through the Apple website. Apple will also donate to Conservational International for all devices available through April 30.

It was recently announced on behalf of the organization that all its facilities are now in 100% renewable energy. Apple has achieved this goal by purchasing pure energy and investing in renewable energy.

In a statement, Apple chief Tim Cook said: "We are trying to spend the same amount of stuff with our products, we reuse them in such a way.Our work with suppliers is to create a new creative and innovative source of renewable energy, because we know it depends on the future. "


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