Robin Hood is coming to Bangladesh on November 23


Showbiz table: The Hollywood film, Robin Hood, will be released on November 21 on the Epian Way Productions House banner. Two days later, the film will be released on November 23, popular in Bangladesh. On that day, in the capital, Jamuna block buster, the spectators will see it. American action film directed by Otto Barthust. Photo script by Ben Chandler and David James. Produced by popular Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Davison. Robin Hood is a fairy tale hero. His identity as a hero, as a friend of the poor. Robin Hood became a popular man in medieval times. Its popularity in English literature is skyscrapers. He is equally popular in modern literature such as stories, plays and movies. Robin Hood is very popular with teenagers, even older people. The popularity has come to the hands of TV series around the world. Several times he was seen in the movie too. Hollywood movies are great budget and great entertainment is full of entertainment. In the 116-minute length of the film, Robin Hood & # 39; will be screened by Teddy Egarton. He will be with Jamie Fox, stars as Ben Mandelson. Robin Hood fans around the world are waiting for the movie. The box office is expected to be able to maintain heroism, the hero of the dream, Robin Hood.


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