Wednesday , April 21 2021

Ready potato

Soumya Sarkar returned to the ODI squad against Zimbabwe in the one-day series. He kept the series consistently for some time. In the Test series against the West Indies, the prize was called. The southpaw is also a very good preparation for the series.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and the West Indies team are preparing for two days at the MA Aziz Stadium in Chittagong ahead of the series that begins on November 22. And in this match, Soumya has races He played 78 innings against the West Indies Front & by the Bangladesh Cricket Board XI.

Tourists started Sunday with 300 races on the first day of the match. The West Indies declared their turn adding only three races on the second day. The Bangladesh Open, Sadman Islam Anik and Soumya Sarkar, started the day off to a good start. In the opening pair of 34.2 overs in their batting, 126 races were added.

Zimbabwean warriors, who were caught off the ground with 78 runs in the hands of Ambrose, In 103 balls, this turn had 10 fours and 3 huge six. A ball hit the ball and sent off the field.

Suddhamy is back on the other side, but Sadhman survives. He also picked up his Fifty Up to this report, 87 races behind the target are the Bangladesh Cricket Board XI. There are 7 wickets in hand.

Bangladesh Time: 1545 hours, November 19, 018

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