Raidu banned for disobeying the ICC directive


Asked for a bowling action test, the International Cricket Council (ICC) did not follow the Ambatina Raidu directive. Then the ICC banned the bowling alley. However, this ban is restricted only to international cricket.

In the 14 days due to a suspected bowling action, the ICC asked Raidu to conduct a refining test. But he did not answer. That is why the Supreme Court of the World declared the verdict against the highest regulatory body. Although there are no obstacles in the national game for your bowling.

On the 13th of this month, there was a question about Ryder's action in the first ODI against Australia. In a statement on Sunday (Jan. 27), Raidu's announcement was announced on Monday, "The cricket player in question did not test the bowling action in 14 days after suspected bowling allegations. For that reason, the immediate ban was imposed on bowling. The ban will continue in the bowling alley until he gets confused by the test.

The ICC stated in its statement that this action was taken in accordance with Article 4.2. A ban on bowling will only be removed if it is fully satisfied. However, he will be able to hit without bowling.

Bangladesh Time: 1800 hours, January 29, 019


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