& Quot; Mitu & quot; Nothing is out of mind.


Before, everyone used to call me sherwari. Now everyone is called 'guruma'. This incredible personality of a character, this is a great achievement. 46 consecutive weeks have passed. On our channels, our biggest TRP Said Sharwari Mukhopadhyay. Television, theater, politics are everywhere in your free roaming.

When asked about & # 39; Mittoo & # 39; in an interview, he said: "I've been working for 19 years here. With great responsibility, in our industry, there may never be anything out of desire. This is the experience of so many days. If we were forced to do something out of context, that's all propaganda.

Sharwari said about his work, I had an experience, I shot 22 hours to film, there were 22 days to draw. Now the time has been restricted to 14 hours, the quality of work is also good. Artists resting. Very good has been the whole thing. We're getting paid every month on the 15th. It's been a lot of work for over 14 hours. Most of the shooting ends at 10pm.

He said theater was my life. Asansol was home to us. My parents and my brothers used to do the theater. Rabindranath's love for me is from my father's hand. It must be done by acting, it is also learned by my father's hand. The children of the night study. I knew the time of the rehearsal night. I'll get up in the morning, get up early. I'll do the night theater. That's how I grew. My theater crew is Titas. Our first production was the government of the Badal government. After that, I made three more moves. Our fifth production will be staged before us, "but we will still remain awake." Director Abir. Anand Bazar



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