Saturday , October 16 2021

& Quot; Abbas & # 39; is dating basic stories

After taking the photo, the director and the artists, along with the director, are watching. Photo: collected

Local movies on the road to destruction due to fictional stories and non-filmed movies. Seeing the weak Bangla version of foreign history, the viewer turned away. Many ministers have been working with false allegations all their lives, but many ministers are working with them. At that time & # 39; Abbas & # 39; came with original stories. 100 percent key claims were made by director Saif Chandan

Saif Chandan said: "In a sense, all the stories of the world are false. It was seen that the first time children were catered for, so love. It is not separation from marriage either. All stories will be similar. But I think it's crucial to tell the story itself. With a history of old Dhaka, I'm making the film 'Abbas'. This is not a fake copy of a movie. In that sense, I'm making this movie with 100% basic stories. The history of our country, I hope everyone likes the photo.

The work of filming and dubbing the thriller and the romantic genre is complete. Now the editing work is happening. The end of the editing work will be submitted to the censorship board soon.

Earlier, Saif Chandan produced the movie "Boy Abolatabol Girl Pagal Pagal". Kayes Arzu and Irene played the pair in the film. Nirob and Sohana Saba starred in a pair of 'Abbas' films. Nirab-Saba even is the first in the film.

The film also stars Alexander Boh, Don, Joyraj, Ellora Gahr, Shimul Khan, Tasmania, Nusrat Papia, Closing, Nunchan Azad. The film was produced by Live Technologies.

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