Public holiday on the occasion of Shababrat Monday


On Saturday, April 21, the government announced the holiday on April 22 instead of Sunday. The announcement was made on April 22 on the evening of April 22, after declaring the government holiday.

Earlier, the Minister of State for Religious Affairs Sheikh Md Abdullah announced that, according to the pre-announcement of the Holy Shabarat, will be celebrated on April 21. He said the National Moon Vision Committee did not receive moon news anywhere in the country on April 6, despite an organization claiming to have visited the moon.

Later, the committee, which was formed again, agreed that Sha'ban's moon was not seen on April 6. Then, according to the decision of the National Moon Observing Committee, will be observed on April 21 on Shabberat.

At a news conference at the Ministry of Religious Affairs on Tuesday, the state minister announced that. However, leaders of an organization called Majlisu Ruiyatul Hilal & # 39; told a news conference on Thursday that Shaban's moon was seen on April 6 and informed about the administration but the decision was not taken accordingly.

After the meeting, the Minister of State for Religious Affairs formed an 11-member committee after the meeting. Under whose leadership was Maulana Abdul Malek Based on the committee's recommendation yesterday, the previous announcement was continued.

Meanwhile, on Monday, after receiving a written petition for the moon hearing in Shaban, the Director General of the Islamic Foundation asked the petitioners to accept the written form.

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