Saturday , October 23 2021

Proposed possession of the donating mosque, locked the locked expatriate brother


The mosque built by a foreign company in Ghatail in Tangail said that a local influential person, named Salam Hossain, hung the lock. Local people are refraining from praying in that mosque. Claiming the possession of Salam Hossain Mosque of Charbakshia village of Lokpar for upazila marriage.

It is seen in the house that there is a lock on the mosque. The victims filed a written complaint with the president of the Union Parishad to stop the prayers and remedies against the mosque of the mosque. The problem of locks in the mosque has been turbulent in the locality.

Residents complained that the mosque was built in 2015 in the town of Char Bakshi, under Kuwait funding. The Dubai expatriate, Belal Hossain, also donated a lot of money to the mosque. Since then, people in the village used to pray there. Within a few days, Belal Hossain and his brother Salam Mosque declared themselves. Belal is currently living in Dubai. Salam broke the mosque management committee. Later, the mosque hung the lock to take possession of the mosque. In addition, the imam of the mosque was expelled and received a new magnet without giving any information to anyone. Since then, Salam has led the mosque according to his own desire. While the residents were not going to the mosque, Salam and Imam held prayers together in the mosque.

Many people, including Helal Uddin, Nurul Islam from the village of Charbakshia, were locked in the mosque for a long time demanding private property. In this, the villagers of the mosque are refraining from performing mosques in the mosque. The villagers wrote in different places, including the president of the UP, for medicines.

Abul Hossain, deputy chairman of Jambaba's Charbakasa Mosque, said the lock was made with the mosque's claim without the permission of the managing committee. Mosque was built in the ancestral land of Bilal, Exiles of Salam and Dubai. If they protest against the firing and removal of the imam, they themselves will demand the mosque. The people of the village do not dare say anything against them.

Recognizing the incident of Salam Hossain, locked in the mosque. He said: "It's only open during the prayers. In addition, there is the possibility of stealing as a mosque with the road. Before the prayer, the Imam came and opened the lock and offered it to Azan. My brother Belal Hossain did not build a foreign mosque just to earn a lot of money.

Lokerparha Union Parishad president Sharif Hossain said: "We have received a written complaint about this, do not allow the family to go to the mosque." The complexity of the two months was due to their brothers. the mosque.

The chief executive of Ghatail Upazila, Mohammad Kamrul Islam, said: "We have received complaints about the blockade at the mosque. The action will be taken if the investigation is authentic.

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