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Proposal to split Dhaka WASA

The managing director of Dhaka WASA (MD) Taksim A Khan was called to discuss the water problem in the city, the Standing Parliamentary Committee on the estimated estimates was made. But he did not answer. The committee members expressed anger and discontent at this.

They were asked to report to the senior secretary of the local government ministry about the MD's absence at the meeting.

In response, the secretary said, "My Ministry informed us through the letter (MD). At the same time, the phone was notified. Still, he does not know why he is absent from the meeting.

Later, committee members asked WASA MD to attend the next meeting, raising anger.

They said that if WASA MD think he will not take the Parliament and the parliamentary committee to the session. If necessary, the prime minister will also be notified to the speaker.

This incident occurred at the committee meeting scheduled at Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban on Thursday. Chairman of the commission said. Abdus Shahid chaired the meeting.

After the meeting, he told reporters, "There is a lot of controversy over the Dhaka WASA MD that all these days were debated, so WASA was called to the parliamentary committee to find out about it." But he did not come to express dissatisfaction with committee.

Deputy Chancellor Shahid said there is no room to ignore parliament and parliamentary committee. WASA MD will have to face responsibility at the meeting. He said that drinking water is the right of humans. WASA must guarantee this right.

It is learned that the parliamentary committee proposed dividing Dhaka WASA as City Corporation. The proposal was proposed to increase North-South services by ensuring the supply of drinking water to Dhaka residents.

The committee members expressed dissatisfaction with the progress of various projects of the Local Government Division. On June 30th, these projects were requested to report the reality.

The Committee recommends that the evaluation report be submitted within two months of the project carried out under the Local Government Division and the Department of Public Health Engineering.

Committee members expressed dissatisfaction at the meeting that no employee of City Corporation of Dhaka was present at the meeting. The committee recommends that the ministry ensure that they are present at the next meeting, including why they were unable to attend.

It is learned that at the beginning of the meeting, the Dhaka WASA was discussed. Meanwhile, committee chairman, deputy director Abdus Shahid, members Nur-e-Alam Chowdhury and Fazle Noor asked the secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources to discuss the reasons for the absence of WASA MD.

In response, the secretary said that even if he had sent a message to appear in every way, he could tell the true reason why he did not come.

The members of the committee, Nur-e-Alam Chowdhury, Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh, Ahsan Adelur Rahman and Wasika Aisha Khan were present at the meeting.

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