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Preparing to file this month in the United States –

Who will be the case against who will be the author, who will be the accused, who will be the witness, his
Nothing has been done now.

Following this incident, then Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith several times
Said to file a lawsuit in the United States, but did not do so in his term.

Finance Minister Mustafa Kamal, the government finance minister, stolen from the reserve on Sunday
After a meeting to bring the matter back, the preparations of the case on the issue of journalists

AHM Mustafa Kamal (archive photo)

AHM Mustafa Kamal (archive photo)

The preparation is taking the case to the case. The day of the case is this month or the next 3
February. That's why we took the preprints. We have a law in Bangladesh and we do not
There is a law in America, they will jointly make a lawsuit, setting the deadline. "

Staying in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Fed) in the United States on February 4
10 million of 10 million dollars from the Bangladesh Reserve were stolen. Bank transactions through hacking
This money is sent to the Philippines and Sri Lanka by sending false messages to the fast international network
The two were removed in the bank.

Asked who will be the case against whom the party is involved, the finance minister said: "Who?
Who will sue you, your decision has not yet been made. In addition, how many people are accused, how many people
The author and some people will be witnesses, they will decide on the two layers. "

We can guarantee that the case will be filed on time, "he said.

Previously, the Bank of Bangladesh had decided to open a criminal action against the Philippines' Rifle Commercial Bank (RCBC); Most of the money was stolen by them.

Branch Jupiter Street Maksi City Commercial Bank Rizal, through which transactions are being carried out in the Bangladesh Reserve

Branch Jupiter Street Maksi City Commercial Bank Rizal, through which transactions are being carried out in the Bangladesh Reserve

A case under the leadership of former governor Mohammad Farashuddin was investigated in connection with the robbery
The investigation committee was formed. The commission did not even give the guarantee of publication of the report

When asked about the finance minister, he said: "I will not need to publish, if necessary, do not need
I will not. There will be something to investigate. There is also negative or positive in research,
I do not know anything If something positive or negative comes … "

This is
A case was filed with the central bank of Bangladesh, the ICD filed the case
Is doing

Kamal said: "The incident happened in New York, then the New York access point.
Who made the commission sit in Dhaka, who decides what, I think it is not right
Time of the moment ".

The old one
The finance minister has called for compensation from the New York Fed for the robbery. But they are
Swift is also blaming Bangladesh Bank's "weak" security system.

Money stolen by $ 20 million in Sri Lanka
Back and forth.

Going to the Philippines, the $ 8.8 million gaming table ran. After that half of the money
The Philippine government returned the billions of dollars in gaming money, but the rest could not be found.

The case of the reserve robbery was answered to the Philippines, they also investigated the incident, the case
Do it.

Maya Santos Degito

Maya Santos Degito

The money went through the bank's gambling table, the Rizal Commercial Bank Corporation
The official Maya Santos Digitos (RCBC) was condemned by the court of that country.

In Bangladesh
The case was jointly presented by the Accounts and Budget Division of Bangladesh Bank.
Director Zubayer Bin Huda, on March 15, 2016, at the Motijheel Precinct.

The Information and Technology Act, with 54 sections of the Law on Prevention of Corruption, 2012 (Amendment 2015), 54
And 379 cases were not directly charged in the case.

Atiur Rahman, the governor of the Bank of Bangladesh, had to resign in case of robbery.

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