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Spurania played in the movie "Bheen & # 39 ;," Chakk Bariali & # 39 ;, "Aitima Dura" & # 39; and & # 39; Man Hagar & # 39; Last played "again spring" in the movie. This latest footage was cast as a heroine on the big screen. Eid-ul-Fitr released the two photos of Shakib Khan with & # 39; Passwords & # 39; and & # 39; Nolak & # 39;

In the only film directed by Mamun, Tiger played against Tariq Anam Khan. For the first time in the history of the film, two generations of these two artists are showing an inconsistent chemistry of love on Rupali's canvas.

If there is only a small fraction of the country, "spring again" will be released, but the cineplex is doing well, said director Unam Mamun. However, as the film is doing business, two artists from the film Tariq Anam Khan and Spaniardi are being praised by the public. Everyone who is watching the film praises the story and performance of these two actors. He explains that Sprissia is fascinated by the role of Abhishek.

The image is happening in the city of Balaka since Eid Day. A man named Nazmul Hawladar came from Puran Dhaka to see his family. After seeing the photo for Samakal's reporter, he said: "I did not know the heroine of the movie before. I saw it in the first movie. I liked your fluent performance, my The image of this story should be more and more in our country.

The Excitement of Spectacular Audience Praise He said: "Everyone praised those who have spoken to me so far with the film. It is encouraging everyone to promote a good job.

From now on I can see on the big screen regularly. Be very careful and work on a good movie. The love of the public who appreciated the image is appreciated by all.

In addition to Tariq Anam and Tangshi, Imtu Ratish, Mizan, Mira Mithu, Mukit Zakaria, Ananda Khaled and Nusrat Papia played different roles in the film.


The filming of the movie "Again Spring" began in December last year. The film produced Tom Multimedia. Digital Partner Live Technologies Limited.

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