Perth said the cause of the party leaving the party


The Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP) broke off political relations with the BNP for 20 years. The party chairman, barista Andaluv Rahman Perth, formally announced on Monday the formation of the 20-party alliance led by BNP. In a press release, he mentioned several reasons for jothedra. As in Perth's speech, the reason behind the jothedara is the reason behind it.

When asked about the cut of the BNP alliance, Andalveh Rahman told Perth Jugantar that the BNP policy became united. The importance of Team 20 does not seem to have them. Where is our importance, what is the benefit of us?

He said, we got out of the ring. There are no plans for a new alliance. Let's start now by joining separately now.

Andalay Rahman Perth told the press that the main reason for breaking the alliance with the BNP is that the BNP does not seem to have the importance of the party. Where is our importance, what is the benefit of us?

Explaining the importance of diminishing significance, Perth said: "We said that the December 30 election would be an unprecedented killer." The compatriots also saw this. The BNP deputies who won the election were sworn in without taking into account the members. He surprised us.

Perth believes that this has lost the moral right of the 20-party coalition to reject the election.

Before the 11th national election, BNP said. Kamal Hossain's leadership is included in front of the national unity. Since the formation of this coalition, the policy of the Opposition seems to have dropped considerably, Perth said. The next 20-party alliance has had no other work except cooperation and competition, Perth said. He also said there are no 20-team activities in the last seven months.

The BJP will now organize the organization. "A political party registered in the BJP. In 2001, he had parliamentarian, also in 2008. Now the BJP will group his party," added the party chairman.

Asked how easy and visible the BJP's policy would be outside the alliance, the president said: "There is no doubt that it is easy or difficult here. We will continue to do our work, people will see if we talk about them, they will be with us or not.

Asked if there is any possibility of joining the united front, Perth said there is no possibility.

BJP Secretary-General Abdul Matin Saud, who left the 20-party alliance, said the BNP has been on our side, despite several decisions by the 20-party alliance. They are more focused on the national front than on the alliance. The BNP decided not to go to Parliament. But they went to parliament but there is no discussion with the 20-party alliance. But we all joined national elections together. Due to this negligence, the decision was made.

BNP allied BJP since 1999 When the four-party alliance led by BNP was about to break out before the 2001 election, the unit's main role was to maintain the unity of BJP, the father of Perth, Naziur Rahman Manzoor, the current president of the BJP . After that, he became president of the Perth Group after his death. He made policy with shoulder shoulders with BNP. Perth did not leave the alliance in the worst BNP crisis.

Perth, but the announcement of the BNP Joint Chiefs was announced long ago.


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