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Olympic film & # 39;


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In addition to the Official Selection Pictures crew, Kan festival authorities invited many stars. Authorities from several official partner organizations also received the invitation. In addition, the stars and nomadic models from different countries were brought in to promote the red golouris. The organizers of all expenses,
Journalists from different countries met in Kanaseuk, receiving accreditation. The press section for them is now reorganized. Now Aid Bailulid is head of press office. I do not mind seeing such a responsibility! Young in age. He was responsible for accrediting news agencies, film shows and press conferences for them. She has been in the new position since January 2. Alfonso Kuwaran, Terrence Malik, Faty Akin, Sergei Lajnitza and Nicholas Winding Referees have the experience of the photographic campaign. He worked in Marrakesh, Morocco, and was campaigning for the Dewil film festival, Banu and Gerardam in France.Head of Press Office, Aida Bailulid, Meanwhile, there are 12,000 film teachers in the market of market of images, Marshese Du Film. Nalas, more than 1,500 movie buyers (distributors) and 40,000 delegates from 160 countries in the country paid a specific amount, as well as 72 thousandths of almost two thousand youngsters from 18 to 28 years of age with the "Three Days in Can" Na competition competition category, out of competition department, special screening, Rigger repertoire, ear classics and film of the plaz. The first division of the last 15 to 17 of May was. The second phase will be held from 23 to 25 May. For the convenience of such a large number of people there are about 900 restaurants in the town of Sagarparar. Eating from morning until midnight continued to eat. At 9pm, most food shops sings in the dunes of the sun.
The new film show is taking place at some five-star hotels and theaters of the day, including the Din Fiorvil theater. There are also several events related to movies. This information is filled out by email! I intend to participate in this. But when a press conference or a red carpet arrives, most of the group has to lose, as it is to stay awake.
The second day of the festival was not a major press conference. So this year, I enjoyed talking to Rigger's chief judge, Nadine Labaki, this year. He will come to the Hotel Majestic Barrieri. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Kansas City. On the seven floors of the elevator, I think Alishan entered a zamindar house! Pour the marked place. The eyes of blue beauty are stuck. There is no chance to enjoy this sight without ears!
Lebanese builder Nadeen Labaki is childish! His celluloid journey began in Kanskeke. He's directed three movies so far. Everything is displayed in the ear. As a result, international fame came in its fusion. For 15 years he has participated in the Cinephandras Cannes festival. Then the first movie "Caramel", directed by the Director's Fortnight, was released in 2007. "Where are you going now?", Made in 2011, in the form of women's status and religious tension, in Sarthe Rigare.
Last year, Nadeen Lababi's third film, "Capernam," took place in the competition section of the Kana Festival. In this context, he highlighted the erosion of childhood, the lives of refugees and the cracks of society in the perspective of the world. In response to the film, he received the jury's award from the ear. The Oscars and the Golden Globes are nominated for & # 39; Kepernam & # 39; of Lebanon, after the heart is played at the Cannes Film Festival. He was nominated by the Arab-speaking country's first female producer, the Academy of Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Foreign Film division.
It's a shocking issue, there was no film industry in Lebanon when Nadine Labaki started taking pictures! She is the woman in it. For these reasons, many obstacles have to be overcome. But she said, "I never thought I could not do anything because I was a girl."
Nadeen Lababi's message to the emerging filmmaker or to those who want to follow it like this: "It depends on what you feel inside the mind. It is also important to define a reflection on the screen.

The mark entitled & quot; Women in Motion Talk & quot; was organized by the French luxury brand Kering. Emails were sent to some of the accreditation selectors received in the ears. When they show interest, they send invitations. Email is not too late to get a chance to hear Nadine Labaki. This woman in the Middle East knows about Bangladesh. I understood their identity. So he stood next to the photo.
The president of the Central Board of Film Certification of India, Prasoon Joshi, has shown a positive attitude toward Bangladesh, such as Nadine Labaki. Seeing him in the Indian pavilion. However, he is not the head of the censor's council, he is better known as the lyricist. There are many popular songs in the Hindi movie.
Leaving the Indian Pavilion, enjoying the red carpet walking Just look at people and people! The stars began to walk up the stairs after a walk, and eagerness began to stir. Seeing the distance, how much peace!Nadine Labaki with reporter Bengali Tribune

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