Now in the policy field of India, Urmila is in the middle


What is the role of the Bollywood actress, Urmila Matadkar, joining Congress? Is she going to run for the Lok Sabha elections this time around? And if it really is, then the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, thinks it's a masterstroke.

Urmila turned away from the performance. But the Bollywood actress, who will start her second shift in the future, will start her life. Sources say the actress may run as a congressional candidate in the Lok Sabha constituency in northern Mumbai. The name of the BJP candidate, Gopal Shetty, has already been announced.

Party sources said that, as an antagonist, Urmila thinks Congress is at the center. But not just Urmilai, there are many other names to choose from. But it did not come out openly if it would be surprising. But this time it is understood that the election of the Lok Sabha elections will be unilateral. & # 39;

BD-daily / Abdullah Tafsir


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