New poster from Dahan & # 39; was released


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The image of & # 39; Dahan & # 39; is created with the story of a drunken criminal. Along with this, the horror stories of a family burned in the horrors of fire terrorism has been found in the movie poster. Jazz Multimedia, the producer published on Facebook.

As you can see, inside the symbolic prison and external scenes. Within the intoxicated youth, the cotton or hero is fasting. Out of her lover love Cheri and journalist Zakia Bari Mom Three different faces also appear on the face.

The producer said the poster made the original photo statement. Basically, the poster was created based on the characters and stories.

This is the second poster of the movie. The first was just Shiam Ahmed Earlier, they released two songs on the title Hajir Biriyani & # 39; and & # 39; Love Box & # 39;

Abdul Jazez, producer of the movie Jazz Multimedia, said it will be released on November 30. Siam Ahmed and Pooja Cheri played the central role of 'Dahan', directed by Raihan Rafi. Zakia Bari Mom played the role of journalist.

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