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New movie "Mission Extreme" || Culture Zone || Janakantha

The new movie "Mission Extreme"

Personal reporter & # 39; Mission Extreme & # 39; is being built The film hopes to have the impression that its affiliates with it. In addition, as an intelligent officer, some command operations can be seen in the movie by Arifin Shuvo.

The film was secretly filmed in style. The rest are just music scenes. A press conference was held late Monday at a restaurant in the capital to give details of the film. The producers, producers, producers, actors and artisans of the film were present there. The hero of the film, Shuvo, told reporters, "The number of work done on the film so far has to be done with a lot of physical effort, for the Exim Mission I had to build myself for a long time. Dhaka Attack would be more impressed to see this film, he said, how successful the film will be in the hands of the viewer.But as an artist, I am satisfied with the place where I am satisfied.I worked with myself The film's two directors were present at the press conference, senior police officer from Bangladesh, Sani Sanor and Faisal Ahmed, two film heroes Jannatul Ferdous Oishee , Sadia Nabila Taskin Rahman, Manoj, Sumit and many others were also present. Director Sanani Sanor said: "We wanted to put all the attention to the film. That's why I shoot footage. Our goal was to finish the movie scene in April. Work accordingly. And the rest of the little shootout. This will be out of the country. It will be in a Middle Eastern country. Miss World Bangladesh will debut in this movie. He said the movie is a great opportunity for me. In the first career career, a good producer, great budget, good story and talent had the opportunity to work with all the stars. Thanks to director Sanani Sanawar Bhai for choosing me in this film. In context, along with joint management, this film script is written by Sani Sanor. In addition, Syed Hasan Imam, Laila Hasan, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Shatabdi Wadud, Majnan Mizan, ABM Suman, Shams Suman and others also played different roles. The film will be released this year in the country's cinema.

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