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New feedback, old feedback

Once it blinked, once the red-blue lights occurred. According to musical instruments, they should be like a nawaii fire. Guitarist Labu Rahman was spotted in the light. Raw hair has not changed much. Only the black hair on his head changed. There's a lot of white, there's still something left. But in the eight fingers two keyboards of Nasir babu face the age of the mark. The age of the party was forty years, can the Kanders avoid it? Feedback, band from the seventies of last century. Four decades have gone by how many broken buildings.

Today, on Tuesday night, in the auditorium of Bashundhara Convention City, the four-decade anniversary of feedback was the concert "Four dioceses of Feedback". The new feedback on the songs, the new feedback and the feedback box on the left, the new team from Maksudul Haque – Dhaka. Feedback for the old members took the stage to remember the memory of the past. Maksudul Haque, the band's first recorded song, was sung by & # 39; Singing One Day & # 39; in that day. In this phase, Foyad Naser Babu, Romel Khan, Selim Haider and Montu are on stage. The music has been a melodramatic memory. Many older people in the audience in the 1980s who were teenagers or young

Now comes the break with feedback. Fouad Naser Babu, Labu Rahman, Lumine, Tanti and Raihan Al Hasan. The members of this group are still alive in the war. At this point Raihan and Loomin sangan & Viro Mann & # 39 ;, Somehow along the way you have & # 39; Some musics. These young songs are songs that are known to the public. But with feedback, when Maksud's new band arrives on stage in Dhaka, the show part becomes the best time. Maksud chanting memories of chaithi songs, Moushumi, Majhi, A day on that day. There was a song and a pause in his pause like a whistle. It looks like a middle-aged middle-aged listener next to the ear. He could not help the tension of the young people by listening to the songs.

Waarfase, Miles, Artcel, Dalchhut, in concert, honoring the feedback of forty seven years. Feedback from Warfaj singer Moushumi & # 39 ;, Miles heard "Telephone when whispering & # 39; songs Artcel heard his music. His presence, especially the young audience, vibrated. They started singing in concert with a group song. Artcel heard the song "born in Bangladesh" Before releasing the song, Warfase's Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu said: "Our inspirational feedback is feedback. It's an absolute love band. "And Miles's Shafin Ahmed said," Miles traveled with Feedback almost at the same time. "Hummin Ahmed said:" It is a rare event that many songs from a group have been hit. "

Guitarist Labu Rahman said: "Because of the public, we have come to this day." Foad Nasr Babu won credit for his team's success. And Maksud, every time they took the stage, they presented their greetings to the groups of singers. Saying small words, old memories of old times Before starting the song, he said: "How Mausumi's music has become so popular today to this day." The song Kausar Ahmed Chowdhury came to the show. This astrologer, given the fate of humans, did not stay long because of physical illness.

There was nothing at the moment of feedback. There was only Bukwha's dream. A music team started the dream 40 years ago. Khoka Bhai (Hafizul Alam) progressed to the boxes It was once the most popular band in the country. The back of the day singing songs from the Maksud day music artist. Taking a foot on the monitor and falling headlong, Maksud wanted to go back to the melody in the past. He was able to take the song a bit 'wet & # 39; in the eyes. At that time, the auditorium was dark. Maksud's call was just burning together and the public telephone lights floated in the dark.

But the sound system was very frustrating in the auditorium of the auditorium. Before organizing the concert in the auditorium, the organizers needed a little more thought. The Pran Group sponsored the concert.

In the decade of the decade, a group of young people began to sing in English at the InterContinental Hotel. The staff continued to say "Twentineth Century". Later, in 1976, they became the name of Feedback. Beginning with the music of the English songs, they started their basic songs. The story later is known by the fans.

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