Nepal Special Jury Medal Wins & # 39; orange rocket & # 39;


Another bonus is added to the basket of & # 39; orange rocket. Recently, the special jury of the second edition of the Nepal International Film Festival, held in Kathmandu, was received by the special jury. On the last day of the festival, held from February 21 to 25, authorities announced the award. Some of the long and short films at home and abroad, where participants attended. There are & # 39; orange rockets & # 39; shown in the international competition section. Meanwhile, Nur Imran Mithu received the grand jury award at the sixth edition of the Asian Film Festival held in France this month. One of the most discussed films of the year, released in Bangladesh, & # 39; Orange Rocket & # 39; is one of the most discussed. Whose reputation has spread to various international film festivals, as well as in different countries of the country. The film was recently ranked among the largest and most popular online platforms in the NetFlix world. Producer wins award for best director for Sri Lanka debut Shahaduzzaman and Mithu were scripted by Orthodox Shahadujjaman & Basic; and & # 39; Cyprous & # 39; on the lines of & Kamala Rocket & # 39; Toukir Ahmed and Mosharraf Karim played the central role of the film. More in this film, Jayaraj, Samia Saeed, Seooti, ​​Dominic Gomez, Shantanu Bappa, Shimul Sujat, Shahidullah Sabuj, Abu Raihan Rasel and others.

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