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Murder of Amit Muhuri, Ripon 164


Chittagong: The Chittagong Central Prison prisoners, charged in the case of the main murder of the terrorist Amit Muhuni, gave a confessional statement to the court under Ripon Nath 164.

On Tuesday (June 11), the head of the Metropolitan Magistrate General, Mohiuddin Murad, testified in court, Ripon Nath.

Police (south) Asif Mohiuddin told Banglanews that the accused accused of the murder of Amit Muhun received a confessional statement in court under the command of Ripon Nath 164.

The inspector of the case, Inspector-Detective Aziz Ahmed, told Banglanews: "Ripon Nath asked for a statement before bed, Amit Muhuri forbids him to eat cigarettes and asked to sleep near his feet." They also talked about them. Later, Amit Muhuri threatened to have a gene near him, Ripon Nath Ripon Nath claimed that he had killed Amit Muhuri before the jin's fear.

Police officer Aziz Ahmed said: "We investigated the whole incident, although Ripon Nath gave the statement in court." Trying to find out if anyone else is involved with it. We're trying to figure out how the bricks went into jail. We are trying to find out if anyone involved in this incident is involved in the incident.

On the night of May 29, Ripon Nath's bruised bruises were seriously wounded in number 6 of number 32 of the prison. He died after being taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital.

Nishir Ahmed, of the Chittagong Central Chain District, filed a lawsuit with the Kotwali police station against Ripon Nath in the incident.

On June 3, the investigative officer granted Ripon Nath's 5-day pre-trial detention, accused of another Metropolitan chief magistrate, Mohiuddin Murad, after a 10-day probation order. Investigator questioned Ripon Nath in 5 days' probation.

The accused Ripon Nath, son of Narayan Nath of Fida Nagar Hemant Sarkar of the Sitakund upazila, He is arrested in a case filed with the Police Station of Pahartali and is imprisoned.

The victim is Amit Muhur, son of Arun Muhurir, of Nandankanan Golap Singh Lein, of the Kotwali police station.

In August 2017, Amit Khan killed his friend Imran in the Enayetbazar area of ​​Chittagong city and killed his body with a drum full of drums. After the incident, Amit went to Comilla and fled. From there, Amit was arrested and a team led by Asif Mohiuddin, the city's detective police. Amit Muhuri had been in prison since prison.

Bangladesh Time: 1830 hours, June 11, 2019

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