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Munir was strangled on the steps of the mosque, said the director


Munir was strangled on the stairs of the mosque, said the director

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Monir Hossain, 8, a madrasa in Dhaka, was arrested in connection with the murder and three suspects were arrested in connection with the murder. Among the prisoners, Monir was also the head of Madrasa Madrasa Noor.

The prisoners are – Principal Abdul Jalil Hadi alias Hadujuzzaman, two students Akram Hossain and Ahmad Shafi alias Toha.

The detainees reported in the initial interrogation that after the kidnapping, Munir was strangled on the steps of the mosque, Abdul Jalil Hadi, the director of the madrassa. At that time, Akram Hossain and Ahmed Shafi, alias Toha, were with him.

After that, Munir's body was held at the side of the stairs and they left. Not only that, after the assassination of Monir, the assassins demanded ransom for their family.

Deputy Commissioner of the Wari Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) said. Farid Uddin said this at a press conference at the DMP Media Center on Wednesday.

Farid Uddin said that a thin towel, two sacks of cement, two black cords, a set of SIM cell phones, were found in custody during the arrest and that Phulpant Gawding and Punjabi were recovered.

The police officer said that after arresting the accused, police arrested Abdul Jalil Hadi and Ahmad Shafi, also known as Toha, for questioning. Later on Tuesday, they admitted that they were involved in the incident. Thereafter, on behalf of his confession, the accused accused him of the area of ​​Multilola in Bangshal. Akram was arrested.

On April 7, Noor Madina Madrasa, student of the student group Monir Hossain, disappeared from the madrasa. On the night of April 8, his body was recovered from the mosque. Later, Monir's father, Saidul Haq, filed a murder case in the Demra Precinct against the three defendants.

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