Movie spell rashid khan, the hero himself


Rashid Khan's Jupiter is now hanging on to success after a success. But what you know, the original model of your success is completely imaginary. He already imagined that his role will be played in different situations of the match. In the fantasy world, the ever-successful Afghan mage

Recently, Rashid scored the 100 fastest wickets in day-long international cricket. World Cup T-Twenty T20 He was also successful in the T-20 league based on franchises.

Rashid, one of the heroes of Hyderabad's success at Sunrisers Hyderabad. In the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League, he is also playing on the pitch for the team. In a recent interview, Mayabie Leg Spinner said, before coming to the field, I did not make a movie in the head. The subject is important to me. As I say, how to turn off the opponent, attack attack and not make movies on it? If I think the batter will hit me six times then he plays me easily.

Rashid refuses to bring negative imagination about his game. Even if he does not take the medicine position, he will. Imagine banging with bats, googly or flippers regularly.

Afghanistan bowling surprise said, I do not keep negative things in my movie made. Because of these things, my performance is bad when I think of something like that. Performance affects the brain if negative thoughts arise.


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