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Mosque Baitul Mukarram and EFF threatened to explode

A letter was sent out to threaten to blow up the Baitul Mukarram Mosque and the Islamic Foundation, carrying out a bomb attack.

In the letter sent by the Director General of the Islamic Foundation with the introduction of the JMB activist, the threat was given. The name of the letter from the letter sent by the JMB worker Hafez Maulana Kamruzzaman

On Tuesday, the acting director general of the Islamic Foundation, Kazi Nurul Islam, acknowledged the matter of the letter and told Jugantar that a stranger sent a letter asking for the JMB worker himself. We immediately informed the matter to senior government officials.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the Interior received a letter to take the necessary measures. In addition, the DMP commissioner and the zone deputy commissioner also delivered the copy of the letter. They say they're on guard.

In the letter, he was asked to discontinue antisocial activities in residential hotels around the Baitul Mukarram mosque. Otherwise, threats from bombs and time bombs are attacked. In the letter written in the letter, Bangladesh was also threatened with spreading the word in adultery to the world media.

The Islamic Foundation accepted the letter on 23 April. Then the letter was sent to the Ministry of Religions to take the necessary measures. After the Ministry of the Ministry informed the Ministry of Interior. Law enforcement agencies are more attentive during this period.

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