Momtaz wanted to change her husband and educational qualifications


MP and singer Momtaz Begum appealed to the Election Commission to correct the husband and educational qualifications on his national identity card. According to EC sources, on Tuesday the committee approved the request and approved it.

If you want to know about it, the Director General of the National Identity Card, Brigadier General Saidul Islam Our timeWho said: "The patch file has been lifted. The subject is in progress. "But he did not know the latest information, whether the commission approved it or not.

EC officials said that since the announcement of the timeline, the amendment and transfer of national identity cards have been discontinued. But, according to the law, the national identity card was corrected with committee approval. The approval of the MP was also approved by the MP.

According to one source, it is known that in the electoral district of Manikganj-2, MP Awami League (MP) Momtaz Begum sought ASM Moin Hasan instead of the current husband Ramzan Ali. And for the educational qualification, the tenth grade class was wanted for class. He sent the passport certificate, marriage certificate and class X to the application form.

Momentaj received a statement from the Awami League in the electoral district of Manikganj-2 for eleven parliamentary elections. He was elected deputy of the same seat in the election of the Tenth National Parliament.


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