Mohammad Ashraful goes to England


Mohammad Ashraful

Mohammad Ashraful Stock Images

Bangladesh cricket team going to England to participate in the World Cup The captain of the national team, Mohammad Ashraful, will be in England during the World Cup. He will play in the Premier League World Cup in Kent Premier League.

Currently, the Royal London Cup is taking place in England. Former Pakistan captain Azhar Ali played an important role in this one-day game. But Ashraful will play for the Premier Premier Cricket Club of the Kent Premier League.

The Kent Premier League of England is four months long. The youngest player to have the chance to play in this tournament is the youngest centurion of Test Mohammad Ashraful

As for playing in England's domestic cricket, Ashraful said: "This year I will play Kent Premier League." The team will play at the Blackheath Cricket Club .The league is about four and a half months long. I hope I can play this full season.


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