Mirage love-marriage … this is a movie!


Wife Rabeya Akhtar Priya Mirza received! Photo: Facebook

He has to take a place on the national team. Miraj, who came from a very ordinary family, wrote incredible stories in Bangladesh in the last three years. A few days ago, your marriage happened a little. Miraj's love story is no less difficult

On March 8, the first day of the Wellington test was flooded by rain. Mehdi Hassan Miraj remembered the sweetness of Rallya Akhter Preeti on the night of Wellington's rainbow? Miraz Eleven does not have this test. There is no team sport in the rain. It can be remembered during times of silence that hundreds of miles away is the prairie In the city of Wellington, Wellington may sound like melodramatic, "the weather does not cut / happens alone / this is the presence of wind / windy winds. … & # 39;

Miraz made the final decision about the wedding in Wellington. It is believed that this is the best time to make the final result of six years. Miraz thinks, where the heart of Preetro, his heart is there too Since the two hearts are moving a long way in the fight, it is okay to postpone.

His fans are curious about the relationship between Miraj's six-year love affair. Three years ago, who played the Under-19 cricket when he started love? Miraj himself can not figure out how long the love relationship really is. Just know, your identity with Preeti was six years ago in the form of childhood coach Al Mahmud in Khulna, "Mahmud used to say a bizarre mood that if you have any daughter you know, you might say. If you like, I'm going to marry her. Although I joked, Mahmud's brother took it seriously. In fact, one day she showed a girl in our area. The date is clear – March 28, 2014 We have just played the 2014 U-19 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. It's good to see you first. My age is awesome! It is even smaller. But when the weather is good, I have decided in my mind that if I get married, I will.

If you can not be established in society, in the absence of many sought after personal life. Miraz knew that well. Do you want to get in touch with a girl who does not want to get into cricket based on age? Inerently brave, positive minded people Never lose confidence. Miraz did this, he would send a marriage proposal to Preeti's family. But there was fear that this relationship was not easy. To get Preity, they need to go through a difficult path. There will be many obstacles.

The first obstacle is from El Pritira. Miraz gave "No" in one word to tell her that she liked it. Then they went to the Bangabasi school of Khulna. Returning from school vacations one day In return I told him that I would like to be happy. Both love and love do not understand much about these things. I just understand that he likes it. He said directly, he would not get involved in anything. If you know the news of the house! Mother will be beaten! I challenged him and gave him my cell number. I said, if I like it, then give me an error in that number. If you do not have to look good, Miraz paused.

So? What Missdokalaya Preeti? Upon hearing these stories, Miraj slowly returned to the expression of his love days: "The next day I was playing in Khulna. At the end of the game I saw a number of unknown people Seeing the numbers, how it was hit. Calling Hello to cut the call! After some time there is no news. I fell into tension. Where was a lost hello? But what … one day suddenly lost! When I started dreaming about him, he said, it would not be a relationship. Parents know if there are any news! This is the year 2014.

2014 will, 2015 was also. Miraz occasionally wanted to know, "Preeti, do not say anything!" Preeti said in a strange voice: "Let's see …." It would not have been a regular conversation, nor did it. There was not even a chance to talk about Priya having no phone. Miraj managed to hide me from his mother's phone. For the purpose of a Missedal, I spent the day in Miraaj, spending the night, spending the week. Sometimes or months It was forbidden to call Miraaj in advance. He may be holding the phone!

A small stick was missing for him like the piano melody. It is a strange resonance of joy to think The two years of love fell in love With the mind, Miraj is slowly creating another feeling. He felt that Miraj could be put in the place of the heart-nayway. But is it that easy?

Preeti's mother heard about it. He will not agree to the girl's relationship to Miraj. Mom had to eat until she had to eat Priti There is tremendous pressure from the family. However, Priti is not reluctant to interfere with Atal and Miraj. Miraj's parents did not even know anything about this relationship.

Miraj entered the field of the 2016 World Cup in the country's outbuildings. In October of the same year, he made his international debut in the series against England in the Test series. Pritir's family began to change slowly. Star Tamma, Preeti's family, began digging into the Miraj, agreeing to this relationship he agreed to on the day. Then another twist on the two. Miraj's parents heard this relationship, they would not agree. Another battle began in Miraz.

This year's fight to convince his parents. Miraj heard that he was fighting, "My parents were not ready to agree.When some relatives told them, Miraz is now playing in the national team, why should he marry this girl?" In this, mother-father is more worried. a lot of things to my parents, when no one knew me, the future uncertain, relationships with her ever since.He could have broken the relationship.He did not put too much pressure.She liked me like a normal person.Cricket player is not like Miraz.

Miraj took almost two years to explain the parents. It was not difficult for him to understand his parents: "I said repeatedly to my parents: If I do not marry him, this is a scam. A man is deceived. I can not do anything good in my life, cheating one. There will be a curse. I can get rid of these curses I got on cricket. Doing this can not forgive me. More importantly, I love it. Finally, the mother and father accepted three months ago.

Mia-Bibi Razi, the two families agreed – but why is it late? Miraz still wanted to delay But the two families felt that Miraz could spread many negative words when the cricket player of the selection, if he knew about his relationship with a girl. Miraj's sister, Rumannah, remarried. The house is empty zero. Miraz made the final decision to stay in New Zealand to fill this void. Miraj has been very excited to find Priyat in the end due to many obstacles in the lives of people, who have established the place in the team and many obstacles in life.

Let them fill their homes with happiness, now this is the prayer of their devotees.


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