Minister of Education ensures that BUET students return to school upon receiving notification


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After the Eid holiday on June 15, students began the movement by boycotting the class exams on BUET's opening day.

Minister of Education expressed hope that the meeting will be published in the form of notices on Friday, said the Minister of Education. Students will return to class only if they are published. The protest students said they will return to the class after receiving the warning.

On the sixth day of the movement, the morning students gathered in front of the BUET diner to protest. The Minister of Education, Dipu Moni, arrived on campus at 3:30 p.m. For the students, the minister said that the students protest a few days ago due to differences between students and administration. Let's solve all the problems by negotiation. Such a crisis will not be created in the future.

Later, the Minister of Education sat down with the deputy chancellor of three of the seven Hall of the Seven Halls of BUET. Deputy Education Leader Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury, Deputy Chancellor of BUET, Saiful Islam, BCL President Rezwanul Haque and Secretary-General Golam Rabbani and two senior BUET leaders attended the meeting.

Education Minister Dipu Moni told reporters after the meeting: "The general students of BUET were protesting against a number of lawsuits. In view of the complaint, the deputy chancellor contacted us on the subject." On Wednesday, I discussed many demands with the BUET Chhatra League and the President and Secretary General of the Chhatra Central League.Then we arrived here today.There is a detailed discussion with students about each claim.Your demands are logical and need to be fulfilled.

Dipu Moni said: "There are some demands from the students, that university administration will have to take initiative and how many days they will be implemented," agreed the vice chancellor. Certainly they will be arranged on time. There are some demands, which are subject of the Academic Council. In these cases, we have nothing to do directly. Students will apply for the academic council, the vice chancellor will recommend, we will also apply for the academic council. Since many teachers have given sympathy to these demands of the students, we hope that they will be encouraged in that regard. There are some problems where the ministry has some things to do. The issue will be taken promptly by the ministry on issues of infrastructure development.

Minister of Education said: "There may be some misunderstanding between us, there may be a communication gap somewhere. But we will all develop the country's education. These meritorious students are the future of the country, they will lead the country forward.

One of the students' demands is the removal of the newly appointed director of the university's student welfare department. Their complaints, in this case, the recruitment process was not transparent. Responding to a question from journalists, the education minister said that in this case, the action will be taken according to the investigation. To protect the educational environment, the student welfare department is a very important place. We will do our best to ensure that the person is in this position, that he is student-friendly, with the administration and the students.

Dipu Moni said on the question of the name of the student hall on behalf of the former student of the name of former Awami League leader Dipu Moni. They will sit down again with the students the second week of July.

BUET student Anis Rahman, one of the protesters, said at first light of night: "We have been informed that a notice will be published on how many days will be implemented on behalf of the university administration on Friday." If we receive the notice, we will return to school starting Saturday.


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