Military-grade weapons in the hands of ordinary people, concerned police


Sophisticated tutu with uji pistol The name of the weapon is Uzi. Point Tutu Bohr pistol. The weapon is used by military personnel in several countries around the world, including Israel and Belgium. It is much more modern than the pistols used by the country’s law enforcement agencies. Importers are manipulating and bringing these weapons to Bangladesh. Many of those who have a Point Tutu Bohr license are keeping this sophisticated weapon with them like the loops of the law. The police expressed concern about the matter. The Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police on Wednesday (October 28) expressed concern and submitted a report to the Police Commissioner.

Law enforcement officials say it could be a cause for concern if the weapons fall into the hands of militants. The military also advised experts not to hand over the weapon to civilians in any way, citing military grade. The expert committee said it could only be used to provide security for high-ranking officials or VIPs.

Golam Mostafa Russell, deputy commissioner of the Thagaon division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, told the Bengali Tribune: “A report has been submitted to the highest authorities in this regard. We are investigating the matter further.

Sources said that on August 20 this year, based on secret information, the Tejgaon Division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Detectives Police arrested a drug dealer named Minal Sharif along with a silver private car in front of Eudar under the Police Station. from Mohammadpur. During the arrest, several foreign liquor brands were recovered from him, as well as a gun license was seized from the car. During the preliminary interrogation, Minal said there were more drugs in his home. In addition to the drugs, a Uzi pistol and 44 rounds of ammunition were recovered from there.

Intelligence officials said they were surprised to find the weapon retrieved and compatible with their license. When reviewing the weapon type and license, they obtain the average between the weapon and the license. Point Tutu Bohr is mentioned in the license, but he has a sophisticated Uzi pistol. Under interrogation, Minal Sharif said he legally bought the gun from the MH Arms Company in Purana Paltan.

Intelligence officials said that, to investigate the matter further, they made a general diary (GD No. 1063) at the Dhanmondi Police Station and asked the court for permission to investigate. Later, a letter was delivered to Mokaram Hossain, the owner of the MH Arms Company, to find out the similarity of the weapon type to the license. In response to the letter, Mokaram Hossain, owner of the HM Arms Company, said in a written statement that they imported weapons through the Ramna branch of Uttara Bank Limited with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior. Imported goods were unloaded from Dhaka by Customs at regular rates like rifles and stored for sale as rifles. Minal Sharif bought one of his imported weapons with his valid license.

Police said Point Tutu Bohr was mentioned in the weapons license. With your license, the licensee can buy a cutting-edge tutu rifle. But as the Uzi pistol is also a tutu tip, importers are importing and selling.

An intelligence official said he had sent a letter to the director of the Dhaka cantonment, to the logistics area of ​​the headquarters (EME branch) to test the weapon and obtain the opinion of an arms expert to be more sure about the matter. After the inspection, the weapon was identified as a military-grade weapon by army headquarters.

According to the expert’s opinion, the tutu-tipped rifle is mentioned in the license, but Uzi will not be able to buy a pistol (semi-automatic). The Uzi pistol and the Uzi rifle are two completely different firearms. In addition to the spare parts, the weight and length of the two weapons differ differently. It is also more sophisticated than the pistols used by the authorities. Because its storage capacity is 20 rounds. The maximum loading capacity for pistols used in the Bangladeshi Army is 15 rounds. The opinion of the experts is that the license of the weapon must be specific to the caliber, as well as the type of weapon and the capacity of the weapon magazine should be mentioned.

According to intelligence sources, the matter is a matter of concern for law and order. Intelligence officials have found that six arms importers have imported 91 Uzi pistols in the past five years. They are MH Arms Co., Ahmed Hossain Arms Co., Messrs. Tofazzal Hossain, K Ahmed Arms & Co. and Shafiqul Islam Arms & Co. Of the 91 Uji pistols imported by these six companies, 49 have already been sold. At the same time, another company called Moin Arms Co. imported 20 Uzi rifles. They sold 4 of them. The remaining 16 are in stock.

The report presented by the police detective to the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner said it was necessary to confiscate all of these weapons, including imported, sold and stored Uzi pistols, taking advantage of the law’s ambiguity. At the same time, weapons can be confiscated and handed over to police authorities for use, the recommendation said.

Although the recommendation mentions caliber in the weapons license, it must be accompanied by a clear type of weapon, specification of the carrier’s capacity in the license, valid weapons law, rules, appropriate notification notification, licensing authority. law enforcement should be involved in this matter more importantly, graduates should be more aware of social status, occupation, etc. and there should be an obligation to inspect in the presence of weapons experts when unloading arms shipments from customs.


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