Messi's unique 400-goal frame


Lionel Messi scored the 400th goal in La Liga as the first player. The Argentine soccer magician made this new achievement in a 3-0 win over Camp Neu on Sunday (January 13) against Joe Richer this time around.

In the last 5 games, Messi scored 31 goals in the same match against Espanyol and scored a hat trick with Levotto scored 8 goals.

Against that time Brazilian star Philippe Koutinho made the goal and scored the goal scored by Louis Suarez Messi double the difference in 53 minutes. Messi makes a unique milestone with that goal. Suarez's short pass, making a few points, reduced the opponent's goalkeeper to the bottom of the Barça team.

Suez Roberto launches his second goal in the 6 minutes and the third goal of the team is to mark Suárez.

"I can feel Messi will touch the milestone of 500 goals," said Barcelona coach Arnesto Valvarde.

"But 400 is incredible. It's so easy to say, but if you keep the goals one by one, then it's incredible. Messi is an extraordinary player on different planets. "

Suuare's mouth was shocked by her teammate. Suarez said: "Of course we should be proud of Messi because he is showing the best and is making history with this club."

This season Messi scored 23 goals in all competitions and scored 25 goals in front of his own name. Of these, 17 are in La Liga.

In November 2014, Messi retreated from Telma Jarra and holds the title of highest scorer in Liga history. The legend of Athletico Bilbao, Zara, remained at the top of the competition with 251 goals in 1950.

Former current and current Juventus star Cristian Ronaldo put Zara behind Messi. Before leaving Real last summer, 311 goals were added to his name.

Hugo Sanchez (234 goals) and Madrid legend Raul (228) are among the top five La Liga scorers.

For many years, Barcelona's top scorer, Messi, has won all competitions. After that goal, he scored 575 goals. Second place, Caesar's goals are 232 goals and third place is the 194 goals of Lajlo Kubala.

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