Mashrafe wants to return to the limo after losing the ashes


On June 18, 2005 Bangladesh defeated the superb Australia at Sofia Gardens in Cardiff. Today's captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza took the first wicket for the team. After losing Australia to the night of Mohammad Ashraful, Mashrafeera saw them in front of Team Hotel at night, and LimuZin was in front of them.

14 years later, Bangladesh was again in soil on another plot in Bangladesh in June. Bangladesh could never lose the ODI and the international one day during this unforgettable victory. The only Mashrafe of this team is still playing for Bangladesh.

Before leaving for Aussie at the World Cup, he recalled that the captain of Bangladesh, captain of Cardiff, wanted to turn that night into Nottingham, "I think I was out of Adam Gilchrist." Suddenly, I saw a limousine stopped in front of the hotel And the rest is sitting in. Pleasant memories certainly At that time, I remember all the memories of the night, I hope tomorrow will be another day like this, but we have to play our best game.

Following the victory in Cardiff, Bangladesh went ahead in the semifinals of the Trophy of Champions in New Zealand in 2017. However, there was no good match from Cardiff stadium against England at the World Cup. The English hitter erupted just flew For that reason, Mashrafe knows that old memories are nothing more than mere happiness, "Cardiff always played well. Now this is not the case. But I believe that nothing of the past does not help much in the future. New day, new game You have to start from the beginning.

Australia did not win more. However, the one-day game against them is not Harrahmasha. In the 2015 Cricket World Cup and the Champions Trophy, two matches were played against the Ashes in the rain. It's also a reason not to increase the number of victories in the captain's eyes: "There was a long pause with Australia (victory) Our game was not much with them, it's also true. In the recent past, when our team began to believe that we could beat any team, then Australia could not play many games with Australia.


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